Coffee Subscription

Like what we do? Get behind us by signing up to one of our monthly subscription programs. 


How it works

  • Choose a subscription option and receive fresh specialty coffee once a month. Choose either two or three 250g bags. Or two, three or four 1kg bags.
  • Taste our new releases first.
  • Exclusive brewing information.
  • Monthly YouTube video discussing the subscription coffees.
  • Get access to the Blue Bag Program!
  • On the 2nd of each month you’ll be charged for the subscription you’ve selected. The coffees will be roasted and shipped on the next roast day (Monday or Thursday)
  • Our coffees are roasted for filter and espresso. We aim for a clean cup that tastes true to its origin.
  • Upgrade, downgrade, pause or cancel at anytime in My Account. You’re in control!
Blue Bag Program

Blue Bag Program

Add the Blue Bag Program to your subscription and take your coffee tasting experience to new heights (and win)! 

  • You’ll receive a plain 250g Blue Bag in addition to your subscription. No label. No information. 
  • Taste the coffee. Pull shots, brew filter coffee, cup it. Go wild! 
  • Then give us feedback. Where do you think its from? How was it processed? What are you tasting? The more information the better. 
  • We will then select a winner each month. The person who most accurately described the coffee and what they’re tasting will win an awesome prize! 
  • Information about the coffee will then be sent out including our taste notes and something educational to help you improve each month!
  • The coffee could be a sneak peak at a future release, a favourite in our current range or even an exclusive nano-lot. Whatever it is, it will be delicious.