Happy Birthday Liliana

In June 2019, to Celebrate the arrival of our Baby Girl, Liliana, I was fortunate enough to import a nanolot(20kgs) of one of the best Geisha varietals I have tasted. The coffee was from farmer, and our friend, Alejo Castro from Costa Rica. 

For Liliana’s first birthday(6th June 2020) we have selected another incredible lot from Alejo’s farm. The coffee is literally on the way to the roastery!!

This year we selected another Geisha but this time it is an Anaerobic Natural. This coffee is busy making its way through the Costa Rica Cup Of Excellence judging rounds. It is truly special!

This coffee is extremely aromatic with sweet florals on the nose. We’re tasting mandarin and red wine gums. Expect candy sweetness!


Keep an eye out for the 2021 Liliana Project release…

We will serve this incredible coffee on bar at our roastery as long as stock lasts!!

  • Espresso R50
  • Cortado R55
  • Flat White R55
  • Hario V60 R50

Brewing recommendations


  • 20g in
  • 40g out
  • We are at around 26s on our setup: La Marzocco GS3 and Mahlkonig E65s
  • Adjust to taste


  • 16g medium ground coffee
  • 220g water straight off the boil
  • Traditional upright method
  • Start a timer, add all the water and stir three times
  • Insert plunger, but don’t press
  • At 1 min, remove plunger, stir three times
  • Insert plunger and press for 30s

Hario V60

  • 14g medium/coarse ground coffee
  • 210g water straight off the boil
  • 60g bloom for 30s
  • 3 x 50g pours every 30s
  • VERY GENTLE swirl after each pour
  • Keep the recipe and method the same. Adjust grind to taste