Our coffee subscription offers an exclusive selection of freshly roasted specialty coffee delivered right to your door, every month 📦 (with FREE shipping within SA)

From: R280.00 / month


Get early access to exclusive specialty coffees and pay 30-40% less than when they hit the shelves

Subscriber highlights

Freshly roasted – Coffees are roasted and shipped the same day
Early access to new coffees – You’ll be among the first to enjoy new coffee releases a month before they hit our shelves
Free sign up – Sign up for free any time and we’ll only bill you on the 2nd of the following month
Never run out – Your coffee supply gets automatically restocked in the first week of every month
Exclusive pricing – Enjoy subscriber-only discounts of 30% off our best coffees
Taste more – You’ll get to enjoy at least two new coffees you wouldn’t have tried before
Prepared for you – Coffee is available in whole beans or ground to your preferred brewing method
Transparency – Our coffees are transparently traded, meaning you’ll be supporting the farmers directly
Full controlUpgrade, cancel or pause anytime – no strings attached

When you become a subscriber of the coffee subscription we’ll make sure your coffee at home (or at the office 😉 ) is always stocked with a new, exclusive range of the highest quality, single origin coffee ☕ 

The Coffee Subscription, explained 👇

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the monthly coffee subscription

how it works

1. Sign up for the coffee subscription at any time during the month and choose how much coffee you want to receive. Choose between 250g bags or 1kg bags, and select if you’d like your coffee to be ground or delivered as whole beans. (We won’t bill you just yet!)

Tip – If you’re buying the subscription as a gift, input the shipping address for the person who is going to receive the coffee.

2. On the 2nd of the upcoming month we’ll bill your (securely stored) credit card. (In the meantime, we’ll get the roasting done.)

3. We’ll ship the coffee out the next day and send you shipping confirmation of the package!

Tip – We ship orders on weekdays, so if the 2nd falls on a weekend we’ll ship your order on the following Monday :)

May coffees

What's in the next coffee subscription package


Jaguara Nanolot

Anaerobic NAtural

Green grape, yellow plum and brown sugar  🍇

Country: Brazil
Region: Campo das Vertentes
Altitude: 1600 – 1700 masl
FarmerGarcia Family
Variety: Acaia
Processing: 48hr Anaerobic Natura

Costa Rica

Volcán Azul

Caturra Natural

Expect milk chocolate and red fruits. Super sweet! 🍫

Country: Costa Rica
Region: West Valley
Altitude: 1600 – 1700 masl
FarmerAlejo Castro
Variety: Caturra
Processing: Natural


Kilimbi Lot 6


Expect naartjie and brown sugar 🍊

Country: Rwanda
Region: Nyamasheke District
Altitude: 1650 – 1850 masl
Producer: Kilimbi CWS, Muraho Trading Company
Variety: Red Bourbon
Processing: Washed

The April Subscription features a Bluebird exclusive coffee produced by the Migoti Coffee Company ☕️ The subscription offers coffees from both the washed and natural lots, to highlight the beautiful flavour variance in processing methods ⚡️

Subscriber reviews

What our subscribers have said

Timeous deliveries each month and absolutely delicious coffees which I love to share ❤️ ☕️
Andrew M.
Excellent variety of coffee every month. And the coffee is always 👌
Pierre L.
I love trying new coffees. And I love the variety from Bluebird!
Michael C.
Your coffee's are some of the best!
Chad B.
I love the ease of the subscription and supporting the communities involved.
Dave K.
Simply stated - I love tasty new coffees and staying involved with brands I love!
Charl D.

upgrade, pause or cancel anytime.

We’ve left the control in your hands

Our subscribers are able to pause, upgrade or cancel their coffee subscription at any time. No strings attached 👌 

the blue bag program

Add the Blue Bag Program to your subscription and take your coffee tasting experience to new heights! When you add the Blue Bag option, you’ll receive a plain 250g Blue Bag in addition to your subscription. No label. No information.

Taste the coffee. Pull shots, brew filter coffee, cup it. Go wild!

Then give us feedback. Where do you think it’s from? How was it processed? What are you tasting? Did you enjoy it? Do you think we should add it to the shelf? The more information the better.

With your subscription, information about the coffee will then be sent out including our tasting notes and something educational to help you improve each month! The coffee could be a sneak peak at a future release, a favourite in our current range or even an exclusive nano-lot. Whatever it is, it will be delicious.

Blue Bag Program

coffees and info from

past subscriptions


Sweet fruit salad with orange and peach! 🍑 In March we roasted some amazing coffees from the Muraho Trading Company!

  1. Rwanda Kilimbi Honey
  2. Rwanda Kilimbi Lot 6
  3. Kenya Kamwangi AB


Mandarin and cherries, floral and sweet! 🍒  February brought us some amazing coffees from Volcán Azul!

  1. Volcán Azul Anaerobic Java
  2. Volcán Azul Caturra Natural
  3. Ethiopia Wolichu Wachu Washed


Banana, mango and purple candy! 🥭  The January subscription holds something special with the Jaguara Nanolot!

  1. Brazil Jaguara Nanolot
  2. Guatemala Canalaj
  3. Kenya Kamwangi AB


Milk chocolate, caramel and almonds! 🍫 The December subscription saw the release of the delicious San Florencio coffee from Guatemala!

  1. Guatemala San Florencio
  2. Burundi Migoti
  3. Guatemala T’zun Wit’z


Cherry cola, blueberries, chocolate and oranges! 🫐 The November subscription saw a beautiful variety of coffees.

  1. Guatemala Canalaj
  2. Kenya Kamwangi AB
  3. Primavera Family