Ethiopian Coffee - Ana Sora


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Ethiopian Coffee - Ana Sora

Ethiopia is the birth place of coffee. There are so many varieties growing wild that more often than not, the exact varieties are unknown. Thats where you’ll see “heirloom” used to describe the various varieties in a lot.

When looking at Ethiopian coffee, Single Estate lots are quite rare and this is the first time we are buying from Ana Sora. We absolutely love it and we’re sure you will too!

Clean, floral and sweet. Expect juicy blueberries and ripe cherries.

Great for filter and espresso.



Region: Guji Zone

Estate: Ana Sora, owned by Israel Defga

Altitude: 1900 – 2350masl

Variety: Wild Heirloom

Processing: Natural

Flavour notes: Juicy blueberries, ripe cherries and a hint of lemon zest in the finish. Floral, clean and sweet!

Ana Sora is a coffee estate owned by Israel Defga. Israel is a second generation coffee farmer. Not only does he grow and process coffee on his 250 hectare farm but he buys cherries from small holder farmers in the surrounding area.

The cherries are hand-sorted for unripes and overripes before they go into floatation tanks, where the cherries are covered with water. Any cherries that float are removed. Whole, ripe cherries are then sun dried on raised African drying beds for around 15–18 days depending on the weather conditions. The cherries are covered with plastic or shade nets during the midday heat and at night.

Until this year Israel has only processed naturals but we are expecting his first washed coffee to arrive in South Africa this month.


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