Kenyan Coffee - Ichamara AA


Kenyan Coffee - Ichamara AA

You can expect a real fruit bomb flavour experience with notes of pineapple, grapefruit, orange and raspberry.

Our Ichamara AA, like most great Kenyans, is bright and sweet. This light roast is suitable for filter and espresso.

You need to experience this progressive Kenyan coffee today!



Region: Karuthi

Variety: Batian, SL28, SLE34, Ruiru 11, Geisha

Processing: Fully washed

Flavour notes: Pineapple, oranges and raspberry

SCA cupping score: 89

The Ichamara factory is nestled between two rivers in Karuthi, providing a great source of fresh water. AA refers to the largest bean size and is regarded at the highest quality, fetching top prices for farmers.

Cherries are hand sorted for unripes and overripes by the farmers before they go into production. A disc pulping machine removes the skin and pulp. The coffees are graded by density into 3 grades by the pulper. Grade 1 and 2 go separately to fermentation. Grade 3 is considered low grade. The coffee is fermented for 16-24 hours under closed shade. After fermentation the coffees are washed and again graded by density in washing channels. They are then soaked under clean water from the Gatomboya stream for 16-18 hours before being sun dried for up to 21 days on African drying beds. Coffees are covered in plastic during midday and at night.

This obsessive focus on quality is one of the reasons why Kenyan coffee is in such high demand! 

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