Rwandan Coffee - Shyira 19 Microlot


Rwandan Coffee - Shyira 19 Microlot

We selected this Rwandan coffee for a specific subscription project. We were such fans that we bought extra for our home barista tribe:)

You can expect a subtle winey acidity, blackberry sweetness and a lingering lemongrass finish. In our latest batches we are experiencing some notes of red grape skin which is adding more complexity to a crisp, clean cup.

If you’re a fan of Kenyan coffee, you’ll enjoy this Rwandan!

Our favourite brew method for Shyira 19 is undoubtedly V60. However, we have had some incredible AeroPress’s, sparkling espressos and even reports of popcorn notes when brewed with a syphon! Go wild and enjoy…



Region: Shyira Coffee Washing Station(CWS), Nyabihu

Producer: Muraho Trading Company

Processing: Fully washed, dried on raised beds

Altitude: 1800 – 2300 MASL

Number of drying tables: 30

Number of farmers: 1869

Varietal: Red Bourbon

Harvest: March to June

Flavour notes: Winey, blackberry, lemongrass

Shyira Coffee Wash Station is located high up in the hills in the Nyabihu District where the famous Virunga Volcanic National Park is located. Home to the mighty Mountain Gorillas.

Shyira is one of the smallest and highest CWS in the country at 1850 MASL. It was built purposefully small so that production could be focussed on top micro lots and coffee flavour profiles never before produced in Rwanda.

This year Muraho Trading Company paid for farmer’s health insurance, and continued to invest in education and tools for better agricultural practices helping to increase yields, quality and income.

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