Rwanda Vunga Lot 3


Rwanda Vunga Lot 3

We tasted pre-shipment samples of this beautiful coffee and immediately fell in love. First with the story of the producers and then with the coffee itself.

We are enjoying this coffee through all brew methods. It pairs very well with milk, brewed both filter and espresso.

Sweet caramel and marmalade make this the perfect morning wake up call!



Country: Rwanda

Region: Nyabihu, North West

Altitude: 1650 – 2000 masl

Varietal: Red Bourbon

Processing method: Fully washed

Flavour notes: Marmalade, peaches and caramel

According to Muraho Trading Company:

“In 2017 we began a new partnership with the Vunga Cooperative Families. The Vunga Cooperative is a woman led cooperative and is located in the Nyabihu District, North Western Region of Rwanda.

Vunga is located close to the boarders of our neighbours in the north Uganda and west the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The station receives its water from the natural source from the nearby and famed Virunga National Park.

The Vunga family has placed in multiple Rwanda Cup of Excellence competitions both in 2012 and 2014. The station lacked the infrastructure and efficiency when we began the partnership. In our first year of partnership we guided the Vunga family to a record breaking year. Vunga processed the highest quantity of cherries in their history while improving their quality, bonus and 2nd payments were received, local health insurance for the family of Farmers were paid and improved their infrastructure.

Unfortunately, this year due to the record rainfall Rwanda received in 32 years Vunga CWS was hit by a landslide that wiped straight through the little station. Drying tables, warehouse and water tanks were damaged. It did not make it any better that the slide hit the day before the harvest began. Despite this extreme set back we managed to build the key parts to get on with harvest and the Vunga family managed to persevere and produce great coffees.”


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