Specialty espresso blend - The Friendly Blend


Specialty espresso blend - The Friendly Blend

First sip… milk chocolate and brown sugar. This is quickly followed by wide smiles and loads of energised conversation.

Welcome to The Friendly Blend, our only espresso blend.

We find that its easily our most popular wholesale coffee and for good reason. You’ll love how easy it is to extremely consistent and easy it is to work with. Whether you work on a high end espresso setup or you prefer to push a button on a full auto, you won’t be disappointed.

Please note that this blend is best when combined with milk. So if you are an espresso connoisseur, please consider one of our delicious single origins.



Current origins: Guatemala microdot and Tanzania Itende PB

Flavour notes: Milk chocolate, brown sugar and subtle blackberry

I hope you enjoy this delicious coffee as much as we do!

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Get Excited!!

Baby Girl

Special release coffee
Coming june 2019

To celebrate the arrival of our baby girl, I have sourced one of the best coffees in the world!!

Direct Trade. Rare. Sweet. 

An expression of a fathers love…

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