Rwanda Shriya Example Label


This coffee was grown and processed in this Country and Province/Town/Region. We notice certain consistent characteristics in coffees from the same origin. Florals in Ethiopian coffee. Bold, juicy and high acid coffee from Kenya. Red fruits and round body from Costa Rica. Enjoy tasting your way around the world!


Knowing the country is good but would you buy a wine that only says SOUTH AFRICA on the bottle? The coffees we buy are traded transparently. We know the name of farm, producer and sometimes even the hill the coffee was grown on. The altitude will effect the quality of the coffee. Generally high grown coffee is denser and has greater flavour potential.


Lets get a bit deeper here. Washed, Honey and Natural refers to the way the coffee was processed from whole cherry to ready to roast green bean. Processing will have a major effect on flavour. This is a great topic to research! Caturra, Red Bourbon, Batian etc refers to the variety of this particular coffee tree within the Arabica family. This is like Pinotage, Merlot, Cab Sav in the world of wine.

Flavour notes: The Origin, Farming Practices, Altitude, Processing Method, Variety and Roast Profile will all play a role in what we taste in the cup. Then everyone of us has a different memory bank of flavours influenced by where we grew up and what we have had the chance to taste. We have described what we taste here and we have hung the flavours on the trees in the illustration above. See if you can taste what we do 🙂