Our primary focus is to create value throughout the supply chain.

STARTING WITH OUR GREEN COFFEE. We buy only specialty grade coffee directly from farmers/producers or through importers who share our values and who are willing to be transparent about pricing. Because of this we have “line of sight” to the source of all the coffees we buy. We buy almost only exclusive lots, meaning that you won’t find our coffees for sale outside of BlueBird.

THEN OUR QUALITY CONTROL AND PACKAGING. We work on some of the best equipment in the world. We have a deep, and continuously increasing, understanding of coffee roasting and brewing. We work with some of the best coffee professionals in the country. We have sourced 100% recyclable and carbon neutral packaging. We offer reusable buckets to local clients. All of this and the continuous obsession to do better for people and the environment has lead to become an award winning roastery.

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, YOU. We choose to partner with various businesses who share our values and who are excited to drink great coffee while making a difference. If thats you and you own or run a cafe, restaurant, office, church or retail space, please get in touch! We have a range of coffees to suit most needs.